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st. cuthbert's way

St. Cuthbert's Way
About Saint Cuthbert
Melrose to St. Boswells
St. Boswells to Harestanes
Harestanes to Morebattle
Morebattle to Yetholm
Yetholm to Wooler
Wooler to Fenwick
Fenwick to Lindisfarne

walking in scotland

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Lindisfarne Priory

Lindisfarne Priory

The Norman Benedictine Priory, built in 1083 stands open to the sky, but still has that air of serenity, almost a thousand years after it first became one of the most important centres of Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England.
Before that time, in the middle of the seventh century, the religious life of Lindisfarne began.

Saint Aidan

In 634, Aidan and a group of Irish monks came from Iona, at the request of King Oswald to set up a monastic community. They built the first primitive settlement, which would be little more than a group of huts, but from this simple beginning they evangelised the whole of Northumberland. It was into this setting that Cuthbert came in 664 as Prior. Later, after a short spell away as Bishop of Hexham, he returned as Bishop of Lindisfarne. He died on Inner Farne, to which he had gone for peace and solitude, in 687AD.

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