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st. cuthbert's way

St. Cuthbert's Way
About Saint Cuthbert
Melrose to St. Boswells
St. Boswells to Harestanes
Harestanes to Morebattle
Morebattle to Yetholm
Yetholm to Wooler
Wooler to Fenwick
Fenwick to Lindisfarne

walking in scotland

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Lindisfarne - The Holy Island

Lindisfarne is the 'Holy Island' of England, as Iona is that of Scotland. Both have an atmosphere about them which cannot be described; it is there but you don't know what it is; there is a calm on both islands which pervades the spirit.

The Village
The village, the main settlement, has a 13th century church....[more]

Lindisfarne Castle
Visible for miles miles around, the castle, situated as it is out on the point, is one of the favourite scenes for painters and photographers.....[more]

Lindisfarne Priory
The Norman Benedictine Priory, built in 1083 stands open to the sky....[more]

Lindisfarne Gospels
This amazing religious work, was produced during the time when Eadfrith was Bishop of Lindisfarne ....[more]

St. Mary's Parish Church
The present church is very confused architecturally as there are additions from almost every Age since the Normans....[more]

Around the island there are other reminders of the way of life in times past. There is the harbour, the lime kilns, the walled garden, and, still to this day, the simple farming, within the limits of land and climate.
Part of the island, the west end, is a nature reserve, with the flora and fauna of the sand dunes protected. Often to be seen at the right time of year is the caterpillar of the cinnabar moth feeding on the ragwort. Dressed in its black and yellow hoops, it reminds us of Melrose, where our trip started and whose rugby team wear the same strip.

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