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St. Cuthbert's Way
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walking in scotland

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The Wallace Monument

Wallace's Statue

Like most memorials in the area, this, too, was commissioned by David Stuart Erskine, 11th Earl of Buchan. This huge statue of the 'Guardian of Scotland' stands 31 feet high in total, with the actual statue being 21 feet high. Made of red sandstone, by John Smith of Darnick, Wallace stands looking out over the Tweed with his broadsword in his right hand and his shield resting at his left. Originally painted white, the statue was unveiled on 22nd September 1814.
On the pedestal is inscribed:

"Wallace, great patriot hero
ill requited chief

The years having taken their toll, the Saltire Society raised by public appeal, funding to renovate the statue in 1991. The renovation was carried out by Bob Heath/Graciella Glenn Ainsworth. At the base there is an urn with the patriotic inscription:

"Peerless knight of Elderslie
Who wav'd on Ayr's romantic shore
The beamy torch of liberty,
And roaming round from sea to sea
From glade obscure of gloomy rock
His bold companion call'd to free
The realm from Edward's iron yoke."

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